Tips For Volunteers

Tips for Volunteers
  • Safety is our first goal, it should be yours as well. To be prepared for safe creek and/or river cleanup, please consider the following guidelines:
  • Wear proper closed-toed, sturdy shoes such as hiking boots, preferably water-proof if possible
  • Wear light-weight long pants and long sleeve shirts that protect you from branches and poison oak.
  • Wear clothing you don’t mind getting dirty
  • Bring and apply sunscreen; consider bug spray if concerned
  • If you have them, bring heavy-duty work gloves or gardening gloves (to wear over the latex gloves)
  • Bring your own water and snacks (if necessary)
  • The event organizers will provide the following supplies:
  • Maps of the area to be cleaned
  • Thin latex gloves
  • Garbage bags, in some cases buckets
  • Basic first-aid kits
  • Some groups will provide water at check-in locations; however, volunteers are encouraged to bring their own water or container
  • Watch for sharp objects, toxic substances or syringes – they must be handled with care or left alone. If you see objects such as these and are not comfortable handling them, please notify the event organizers.
  • Poison oak (Toxicodendron diversilobum) is always a danger – wash all your clothing and take a cold, soapy shower when you get home.  If you’ve touched poison oak, we encourage you to purchase and use Tecnu® skin cleanser or another rash relief product.
  • Take care to not trample on creek or river vegetation or erode creek or river banks.
  • Avoid walking on unstable or slippery banks.
  • Do remove trash including lumber, plastic, metal, etc. If pieces are too large for you to handle please let the event organizers know, and we will try to make arrangements to remove large objects.
  • Do report any fallen trees or large obstructions in the creek or river.
  • There are people who use the creeks as temporary homes. Please do not take their belongings.
  • Do leave a site if you feel unsafe; simply report back to event organizers with an update.
  • Please don’t make noise that will bother wildlife or creek- or riverside property owners.
  • Don’t remove tree branches or anything nature put there.
  • Don’t trespass through private property to enter the creek or river.
  • Do have a great time!
  • Please note that each station may have additional guidelines to follow. We will all have information on site to make the experience safe and enjoyable!

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