About Us



In 1992, Creek Day started when a group of volunteer citizens had enough of all the trash and debris in our local creeks.
Led by a couple of nonprofit organizations, The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County and Central Coast Salmon Enhancement, it became an annual event that has benefited the County for over two decades.

For the first time in 1996, Creek Day held its first county-wide event on the same day.  Over the years, there have been different groups and agencies involved. Today, there are still the same nonprofit organizations mentioned above as well as local municipalities and private companies who make up the Creek Day Planning Committee.

The Creek Day Planning Committee meets numerous times throughout the year to plan out the event, secure additional funding, and ensure that all the details of this event are in place.

The overall mission of the committee is to educate citizens of the importance of a clean and healthy watershed, while at the same time doing our part to encourage folks to help keep our local creeks and river as healthy as possible through the annual cleanup efforts.

The Creek Day Planning Committee is made of up of these groups:


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